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June 1999.


This site was originally intended to provide some modeling information on Yugoslav aviation to non-Yugoslav speaking modelers since material on Yugoslav military is rather scarce in English and other languages.

Accordingly, I had initially intended to upload more technical and historical information than this site holds now. However, NATO started Air campaign on 24. March, there were a lot of new ideas and thatís where my efforts were mainly directed for the past four months.

One thing I have realized in the past four months is that ignorance often leads to misunderstanding and hate. Yugoslavia was bombed more than 70 days. A lot of houses were destroyed. A lot of innocent people were killed. Much more people lost their homes. A lot of people didnít see reason for bombing. If NATO donít respect human life now what will they do if they come with ground force? You may laugh at this as nonsense, but during the war I was posest with idea to find somehow one of those guys in the fancy F-16 fighter and to practice dark ages torture on him.

Of course, the NATO forces in Kosovo turned out to be a much generous bunch of people than expected. Foreign media towards the Yugoslav people held the same kind of misunderstanding. We were pictured as ruthless killing machines without a pinch of humanity. I won't go into politics, but it's unfortunate that a lot of negative campaign against the Yugoslavia has been carried out recently, utilizing such an image people have developed for the Yugoslav people.

Everyone knows war is evil, and yet war never stops. It is probably one of our sins and something we would always have to deal with. However, war often provides the most intense human experience for those in it, whichever side you are on. I'm hoping that anyone from you guys will not be in the positions as we were in the pass few months.

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