30.03 Aleksinac

Serbian TV showed the remains of the aircraft. According the state television this are remains of the UAV, but this is probably what left of AGM-130.

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07.04 Kosovo

According to Yugoslav sources, one American Hunter UAV was shot down on 04-07-99 near Pristina before midnight  Pentagon officially confirmed the loss of this aircraft.   Yugoslav state television brodcasted an interview with a solder who brought this Hunter UAV down. He was near the SAM-9 vehicle when UAV entered their range. There was another inexperienced man on the control place of SAM-9 vehicle He saw a chance to shot but he hesitate due to lack of experience. This two solders switch their places and Hunter became a history.

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According to Air Forces Monthly (June 1999, p. 92), the Hunter UAV was shot down by anti-aircraft fire at 1900hrs while providing surveillance data for an attack on Yugoslav armored vehicles. A second Hunter, flying nearby as a communications relay terminal, confirmed the loss and filmed the burning wreckage.

14.04 Kosovo polje

According to the German Defense Ministry spokesman, two German reconnaissance UAVs

(CL-289 drones) were lost between 04-12-99 and 04-14-99. Military experts in Bonn believe that the aircraft are in the hands of Serb troops.Yugoslav state television showed remains one of them.

13.05 near Klokot-Banja

Two NATO UAVs were shot down over Yugoslavia on 05-13-99. The first UAV, a German CL-289, was lost over Klokot Banja in Kosovska Vitina district at noon local time . Serbian TV showed the remains of the aircraft.  NATO has officially acknowledged this loss. Another UAV was shot down over the village of Biba, near the town of Urosevac close to midnight.

The two lost UAVs were reported in the July

76): "May 13. NATO confirmed that it had lost two unspecified UAVs over Kosovo today and said the cause was still being investigated. Local source said one has been shot down near Pristina at 1000hrs GMT." .Yugoslav military newspaper "VOJSKA" showed black-white photos of this UAVs. Solders, showed on the photo, and his Air defense unit from Djakovica are also responsible for destruction of  3 Laser-guided bombs, one Tomahawk, one UAV "Hunter" and A-10 "Thunderbolt". (according military newspaper "VOJSKA")

13.05 Urosevac

Serbian TV showed the remains of the aircraft. Yugoslav army recovered undamaged video tape from the wreckage. The fuel tank was undamaged and half-full.

17.05 Pester plateau
27.05 village Brcak, Boka Kotorska (Montenegro)

A NATO Hunter UAV was shot down by Yugoslav Navy air defenses over Boka Kotorska bay on 05-28-99 at 09:15.

29.05 near Skopje, Macedonia

An unidentified UAV crashed during landing near Skopje, Macedonia on 05-29-99.

The incident was reported by Canadian Deputy Chief of Defense Staff, Lt. Gen. Ray Henault during a May 30 press conference at National Defense headquarters.

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