A-10  Thunderbolt

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On the 22.05 one A-10 was shot down near Klina (Kosovo). Remains of that aircraft were discovered and examined. It was discovered that ammo for 30mm cannon was made from depleted uranium.

At 18:00 on 05-02-99 TV Sitel in Skopje, Macedonia reported that a heavily-damaged     A-10A Thunderbolt of the 23rd Wing crash-landed near Skopje, not far from the Petrovec airport, used by NATO for emergency landings and rescue operations. Pentagon reports indicate that the aircraft was hit by an SA-7 man-portable SAM in the starboard engine. Many eye witnesses in Skopje reported that the aircraft appeared to 

have serious damage to one of its engines (right engine relative to the pilot) and a wing. Several missiles were still attached to the underwing pylons, creating a danger of explosion and a panic among local residents. The pilot of the aircraft was reported to have been injured. Some 40 minutes after the crash, the aircraft was towed by a NATO vehicle to the Petrovec airport. ABC News reported on 05-03-99: "NATO military spokesman General Walter Jertz said NATO encountered increased resistance by Serb  anti-aircraft defences and one alliance plane, a U.S. A-10  Thunderbolt, had been hit and damaged but had landed safely in  Skopje, Macedonia."

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Yugoslav State Television showed pictures on  4.05.1999  of  one  destroyed engine of A-10 Thunderbolt hit on the 2.05.1999  on 05-04-99. The aircraft was shot down over Kosovo by Pristina air defense corps.

The video was shot on 05-02-99 and showed one of the aircraft's engines, which was directly hit by a missile, and other parts, including a plate with the plane's make (A-10A), serial number (A 40662) and code number (77751).

Remains of engine intake of American A-10

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An A-10A launching a flare. Photographed over Kosovo. Photo taken from newspaper "Blic"
(issue 820;12.05)

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A-10 escaping from Kosovo.  source: Washingtonpost

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