Technical data

M-84 tank has high maneuverability under any weather and terrain conditions

main speed
   - on macadam road
   - on grade 1 road
Max speed
Tactical radius
Max. gradient
Max. lateral grade

35-45 km/h
50 km/h
70 km/h
450-700 km/h

M-84 tank is capable of fording water obstacles 1.8m deep and, in underwater drive, up to 5 m deep.

If requested, M-84 tank can be supplied with rubber-metal rims on tracks, for read protection.

M-84 tank is powered by a 12-cylinder four-stroke, multi-fuel, water cooled, supercharged V-type diesel engine, of 735 kW maximum power (1000 HP).

The transmission is mechanical. with multiplicator and two gearboxes with axial final drive.

The gear assembly is a planetary one, with friction clutches and hydraulic control, with 7+1 transmission ratio.

The gun is a smooth bore gun

  • Caliber
  • Gun movement
  • Maximum firing range
  • Sweep range:
    - for a target 2.0 m high
    - for a target 2.5 m high
125 mm
360o in bearing
13o47' and -6o13' in elevation
10.000 m

2100 m
2500 m


Semi-fixed round, with HE, HEAT and HVAPDS (FS) projectiles
Combat set - 42 rounds

Fire control system

M-84 tank is fitted with a sophisticated modular fire control system. Controlling the gun and coaxial machine gun fire.

  • Type
  • Model
  • Operating modes
  • Run-in time
  • Accuracy:
    - in elevation
    - in bearing
Automatic electro-hydraulic with full stabilization
Stabilized, semi-stabilized, mechanical
0.5 to 2 min

0.2 thousandths
0.25 thousandths

Automatic loading device

Electromechanical with constant angle of loading:

  • No of rounds in the revolving conveyer
  • Loading speed:
    - automatic
    - manual


6-8 rounds per minute
2 rounds per minute

Other arms pertaining to M-84 tank:

  • Coaxial machine gun, 7.62 mm
  • AA machine gun, 12.7 mm
  • 12 smoke pot launchers capable of generating a smoke screen covering the area of 400x400 m in 4 minutes

Individual armament of the crew

The fire control system provides for:

  1. Target tracking, acquisition and firing in daytime and nighttime conditions with independent Line of Sight
  2. Gun laying in bearing and elevation
  3. Computation of firing elements with automatic data input on:
    - target range and speed
    - turret slewing speed
    - tank tilt
    - air temperature/pressure, wind speed

Data on the type of projectile, charge temperature and muzzle velocity are input manually.

The firing elements are computed for the following ranges:

  • HE projectile
  • HEAT
  • Coaxial machine gun
200-6000 m
200-4000 m
200-4000 m
200-1500 m

The crucial module of the FCS is the Day/Night Sighting Device. The device has daytime channel, laser transmitter and receiver channel and the passive nighttime channel with image intensifier:

  • Type
  • Model
  • Measuring Rate
  • Field of view:
    - daytime channel
    -nighttime channel
  • Magnification:
    - daytime channel
    - nighttime channel
200-9.995 m

9o and 20o

7 x and 3 x
8.5 x

Special equipment of M-84 tank

  • Radio-equipment: 20-69.975 MHz frequency range, 2000 operating frequencies with 10 programmable frequencies, 20 km range
  • Intercom equipment
  • NBC protection device, which automatically establishes air tightness of the combat and control compartment
  • Night channel - II generation image intensifier

Observation devices enable passive nighttime observation with image intensifier

Commander's day/night device

  • Type
  • Model
  • Magnification:
    - daytime channel
    -nighttime channel
  • Field of view:
    - daytime channel
    - nighttime channel

4.9 x
4.3 x


Night channel: -II generation image intensifier
For nighttime driving the driver has a passive periscope PPV-2 with II generation image intensifiers.

  • Automatic fire extinguishing device
  • Dig-in equipment
  • Camouflage equipment
  • Underwater drive equipment
  • Set of tools, spare parts and accessories

To clear the passage in the mine field, the M-84 tank has a fixture for connecting the mine activating device.

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