A small Airplane and Motor Factory "Svetozar Vlajkovic and sons", established in 1925, located in the city of Belgrade, used to maintain and rapair Breguet XIV planes and several types of aeroengines. During 1926 Mr. Vlajlovic decided, in order to draw attention of some military and governmental experts and to prove the ability and show the ambitions of his factory, to built a tiny, highwinged singleseater, powered by 65 HP Anzani B (Ter) engine. A Russian emigrant. V. Nestorov designed such a project and the plane was made and completed at Vlajkovic's workshops in mid - April, 1927.

The first test flights were made on May 14, the same year, on Zemun airfield by another Russian Exile, V Strizevski. After completing trial flights, the plane, registrated X- SABC and named " St. Georg", with Strizevski as a pilot in command, flew from Belgrade, via Novi Sad, Budapest, Bratislava, to Prague, to take part on the International Aeronautical Exhibition, being one of the rare aircraft of foreign design to reach Prague by air.

On this occasion Mr. Vlajkovic negotiatiated and signed the contract to repair and build under license some of the Czechoslovakian Walter engines, in Yugoslavia. The first step was made by replacing unreliable Anzani on the "St. Georg" by the more sophisticated 60 HP Walter NZ engine.

The small aircraft was donated by its owner to the national Reserve Pilots Association joined the national Aero Club of Yugoslavia, included into the Aero Club's fleet. Until the mid - thirties "St. George" flew occasionally for the propaganda of aviation movement purposes.


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