Ik-5 (project 1939)

Three view of the Ik-5 twin engined fighter project

It is of interest to note that Rogozarski were working on the further fighter design at the time that German forces occupied Belgrade. This, the IK-5, was to be powered by two Hispano-Suiza 12Y engines and was projected in two versions: a single-seat interceptor and a two-seat long-range “destroyer” with exceptionally heavy nose-mounted armament. Wind tunnel test with models of the IK-5 had been completed, and prototype construction had commenced.


Type:               two-seat long-range destroyer; single-seat interceptor
Powerplant:    2xHispano Suiza H-38/39 1100 k.s./h.p.
Performance:  speed (estim.) 670 km/h
Armament:      2 cannons Oerlikon FF 20 mm,
                       4 machine-guns Browning FN 7,92 mm,
                       4 bombs 50 kg

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