FW-190 F8
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At the end of 1944. Yugoslav Liberation Army overrun airfield near Kovin in Vojvodina. A lot of airplanes were destroyed in the process except a few Bf-109G and one FW-190F-8.                      

Dipl. ing Ognjan Petrovic conducted a research of this aircraft and his history. According to his faindings this aircraft  (W.nr. 930838) had old canopy hood unusually for this type and belonged to SG.2. Afther capturing   this FW-190F was relocated to Zemun airfield were he got Yugoslav Air Force markings. This aircraft was brought in to the service in  Lisaon squadron in 1945.   before end of the war. It was brought out of service in 1946. and Luftwaffe markings were applied to it once again. It was displayed on Kalemegdan in the open for two years. Remains of this FW-190F are now in the basement of the Air Force museum in Surcin near Belegrade.

Colors used: RLM 70, RLM 75, RLM 76.

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FW-190F before capturing

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FW-190F after capturing

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