Hawker Fury
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The Hawker Fury was one of the great and famous fighters from the period between the two world wars. It saw service in six RAF squadrons between 1931 and January 1939. It also equipped three SAAF squadrons in East Africa. Spanish Furies were employed by both the Republican and Nationalist Air Forces during the Spanish Civil War (in which at least one Portuguese machine also were destroyed). Yugoslav Furies saw combat against Axis forces during the German invasion in April 1941. The last use of the Fury was Persian Furies who were employed on border patrol duties in 1942. The Hawker Fury saw service in Great Britain, Persia (22), Portugal (3), South Africa (30+), Spain (3), Yugoslavia (30+). Total production: 262

Captain Konstantin Jermakov

At the time of the German invasion of Yugoslavia, Captain (Captain) Konstantin Jermakov was in

command of 112 Eskadrila(approx. Flight) of the 36 Grupa (approx. Squadron) in the 5th (Fighter) Puk (approx. Wing). The Eskadrila were equipped with Hawker Furies and based at Rezanovacka Kosa airfield. In the morning of 9 April 1941 German aircraft attacked their airfield, but the Yugoslav aircraft of 36 Group had been prepared and managed to take off. However this didnít help and they lost eleven Furies (of a total of fifteen). Seven of the Yugoslavian pilots were killed and one was wounded, among the dead were both Eskadrila commanders, Captain Vojislav Popovic (111 Eskadrila) and Konstantin Jermakov (112 Eskadrila). Jermakov was seen to ram the wing of a Bf110 - presumably deliberately - after his ammunition was exhausted. The Bf110 was probably from II/ZG26 who lost two Bf110s, Feldwebel Helmut Recker and Unteroffizier Adolph Sondermann and their gunners all being lost.

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