Fizir FN

Fizir FN (fizir nastavni) in English (fizir trainer)

In 1931 the Zmaj factory completed the first 20 aircraft of this type with Walter engine and an additional 10 with Mercedes (120 h.p.) engine. The Zmaj factory produced 170 aircraft of this type between 1931-1939. In 1940 the Albatros factory in Sremska Mitrovica produced 20 aircraft. The last 10 aircraft were started in 1943 in the Zmaj factory but finished after WW II
More then 200 Fizirs were produced in Yugoslavia before and during WW II.

Fizir FN in Croatian service (1942)

Fizir family:


developed in 5 variants with different engines


trainer aircraft

Fizir-Vega A.F.2

(85 h.p.) amphibian aircraft


sport aircraft


sport aircraft

Hidro Fizir FN

used by the navy

Fizir FP-1


Fizir FP-2

The FP-2 was developed from the FP-1 in 1934.


Designed by Rudolf Fizir, the first prototype of the Fizir Maybach was constructed in Novi Sad in 1925. On the 8th October 1926 an aircraft of this type flown by  Vladimir Strizevski established a new Yugoslavian distance record, covering the route Novi Sad-Skoplje-Mostar-Rajlovac-Zagreb-Novi Sad (a distance of 1410km) in a time of 8 hours and forty minutes. Subsequently, in September 1927, Strizevski went on to gain first place in the  Belgrade-Warsaw-Belgrade international long distance competition.
Towards the end of 1927, the Royal Yugoslavian Air Force ordered twelve examples of the Maybach powered Fizir. Deliveries occuring in the following year.

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First three Fizir FN aircraft made by Zmaj factory

Fizir FN in Italian service

Fizir FN in Croatian service (1942)


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