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The J-1 Jastreb (hawk) is the single-seat light attack derivative of the G-2 Galeb, with a strengthened airframe and uprated powerplant for higher performance and greater payload. Production of the Jastreb series ended in 1979. The Jastreb was participant in the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. In the February 28, 1994 American F-16 Fighting Falcons shoot down three Jastrebs from Republic Srpska AF over Banja Luka after they had bombing “Bratstvo” factory in Novi Travnik. One Serb damaged plane was safely landed on Mahovljani airport.


RJ-1 Jastreb: This is the tactical reconnaissance version of the J-1 with cameras in the forward fuselage and in the forward portion of the tip tanks, and only four underwing hardpoints for 800 kg of disposable stores.

RJ-1-E Jastreb: This is the export version of the RJ-1 with various combinations of Vinten cameras and flash equipment for day and night photo- reconnaissance.

TJ-1 Jastreb: This is the operational conversion trainer version of the J-1.


Vazduhoplovna Industrija SOKO DD

Country of origin:





Light attack warplane


One DMB (Rolls-Royce/Bristol Siddeley) Viper Mk 531 turbojet rated at 13.32 kN dry, and provision for two solid- propellant JATO units each rated at 4.45 kN

Fuel capacity: Internal fuel 440 kg; external fuel up to 275 liter in two jettisonable tip tanks; no provision for in-flight refueling


Wing: Span 10.56 m excluding tip tanks and 11.68 m including tip tanks; aspect ratio 5.74; area 19.43 m2

Fuselage and tail dimensions: Length 10.88 m; height 3.64 m; tailplane span 4.27 m; wheel track 3.89 m; wheel base 3.61 m

Operational weights: Empty 2820 kg equipped; normal take-off typically 4666 kg; maximum take-off 5100 kg


Maximum level speed ‘clean’ 820 km/h at 6000 m; cruising speed, maximum 740 km/h at 5000 m

Ferry range 1520 km with tip tanks

Maximum rate of climbs at sea level 1260 m per minute; service ceiling 12000 m

G limits: -4 to +8


Pilot on HSA (Folland) Type 1-B lightweight ejector seat

Fixed armaments:

Two 12.7 mm Colt-Browning M3 machine guns with 135 rounds per gun in the nose

Disposable armaments:

Up to 800 kg of disposable stores carried on eight hardpoints (all under the wings with the inner four units each at 50 kg). The inner hardpoints can lift two 250 kg bombs, or two clusters of smaller bombs, or two 150 liter napalm tanks, or two multiple launchers each carrying 55 mm unguided rockets, and the outer six hardpoints can lift six 127 mm unguided rockets

Electronics & operational equipment:

Standard communication and navigation equipment, plus (fire control and weapons management) Ferranti ISIS D-126R gyro sight


Libya (25+),SFR Yugoslavia (100+),Zambia (6)

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