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photo provided by Ivan Nejkovic

7 May 1999.

Early in the morning of the 7. may 1999. NATO launch the heaviest air attack on Nish. At list 5000 people were on streets or on top of the buildings trying to see results. According to some reports at list  two (tree by some sources) NATO aircraft were destroyed in the air. In the morning police started a pursuit after a ejected NATO pilots. Results of the pursuit are unknown. Later that day Nish was bombed once more. This time bombs exploded in populated areas of the city.                              

NATO admitted that a cluster bomb aimed at an airfield in the Yugoslav city of Nis hit a hospital and a market, killing 17 civilians. Local officials said that a further 60 people were injured in the daylight attack which left unexploded cluster bombs lying in gardens. NATO's Major General Walter Jertz said: "I can tell you that we did not target - repeat we did not target - civilian hospitals and we do not target any civilian targets whatsoever."

People, you can see on the picture, were responsible for  AirDefence of Nish during that night. They are also responsible for destruction of two NATO aircraft. According to the victory markings on the vehicle they lunched 5 missiles. They clamed 4 aircraft destroyed during the war. Writing on the hull of the vehicle "ubica aviona"  means "aircraft killer". There was the other vehicle from the same unit with 4 missiles fired and 2 claims.

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