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Yugoslav multiple rocket-launchers

Although supplied with many weapons by the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia chose to develop the YMRL 32 0ganj 128-mm (5.04-in) multiple rocket launcher on the FAP 2220BDS 6 x 4 truck chassis as its standard self propelled system. It is used by the army's armored and mechanized units.

The Yugoslav army uses two types of 128-mm (5.04-in) MRL, the 32-round towed M-63 Plamen and the truckmounted 32-round YMRL-32 Oganj. The former was developed in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and is mounted on a split-trail carriage. It fires the 8.6km (5.34-mile) range spin-stabilized M-63 rocket, which is 0.81 m (2.66 ft) bng, weighs 23. 1 kg (50.93 lb) and has a Z6-kg (16.T5-lb) HE-fragmentation warhead. An improved version with a wider carriage has also been built while both 16-round and 8-round variants are available for export on carriages or vehicle mounts if required.

The YMRL-32 (a NATO designation in the absence of the official Yugoslav designation) was developed in the early l9TOs and is based on the FAP 2220BDS 6x4 truck fitted with a 32-round launcher and a reload pack of 32 rounds on the rear platform. The rocket fired by this system is of a newer type, 2.6 m (8.53 ft) long, 65 kg (143.31b) in weight with a maximum range of 20 km ( 12.43 miles) and an i~-fragmentation warhead weighing 2o kg (44 lb). Reloading of the tubes takes approximately two minutes when using the reload pack.

The M-63 is normally found in battalions of three batteries, each with four launchers, while the YMRL-32 is found in batteries of six vehicles. It is believed that both systems have been exported, but the only known user outside Yugoslavia is Cyprus, which has a few YMRL-32 systems.

Specification M-63

Combat weight: 2134 kg (4, 705 lb)
Crew: 3-5
Chassis: two-wheeled trailer
Calibre: 128 mm (5.04 in)
No. of launcher tubes: 32
Length of rocket: 0.81 m (2.66 ft)
Weight of rocket: 23.1 kg (50.93 lb)

Warhead type: HE-fragmentation
Warhead weight: 7.6 kg ( 16.'15 lb)
Maximum range: 8.6 km (5.34 miles)

Specification YMRL-32

Combat weight: (estimated) 13000 kg
Crew: 6
Chassis: 10000-kg (22,046-lb) FAP 2020B5 6 x 6 truck
Calibre: 128 mm (5.04 in)
No. of launcher tubes: 32
Length of rocket: 2 6 m (8. 53 ft)
Weight of rocket: 65 kg ( 143.3 lb)
Warhead type: HE-fragmentation
Warhead weight: 20 kg (44 lb)
Maximum range: 20 km ( 12.43 miles)

The 128-mm (5.04-in) M-63 Plamen multiple rocket launcher is used in battalions of three batteries, each with four launchers, to support Yugoslavian infantry units.

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