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Yugoslav Hurricane Mini Gallery

by Nebojsa Kalezic
Model: Nebojsa Kalezic  Photo: Nebojsa Kalezic
Hurricane Mk IVRP, LE658 / X, 351 Sqn RAF - Druga eskadrila NOVJ, Prkos airfield, 1945. This is Smer
Hurricane MkIVRP, 1:72, using Heller's MkIIC mould, with the addition of a resin radiator bathtub and
rocket rails, and photo etched interior details. All the conversion work was done as per kit instructions,
including the wing buldges removal. Fuselage decals are from the box, by Propagteam, but the wing ones
were erroneous and had to be replaced by appropriate Blue Rider decals. The blue on Propagteam decals was painted with a different shade to conform to Blue Rider wing markings. Resin rockets were replaced by better shaped ones from the spares box. Reference: YUVAM bilten magazine, 3/86, article by D.Frka, S. Ostric
Hurricane Mk IIC, LD116 / A, 351 Sqn RAF - Druga eskadrila NOVJ, Benina, Libya, summer 1944. This is Smer Hurricane MkIIC, 1:72, (Heller mould), with the addition of bomb racks and IFF aerial. Decals come from various sources found in spares box. References: YUVAM bilten magazine, 2/86, article by D. Frka, E. Pozar, S. Ostric

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