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Rogozarski IK-3

by Nebojsa Kalezic
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Rogozarski IK-3 (Aviation USK, 1:72, short run injection mould, photo-etched parts, vacuformed canopy and Propagteam decals), done almost OOB, but the camouflage pattern and colours were changed, because the given dark green and brown camouflage was erroneous. References for the appropriate camouflage were sourced from the book Ratna Krila with drawings by D. Frka, partly from Profile 242 IK Fighters, by Ostric & Janjic and paint call-outs come from Yuvam /Aeroplan / AeroMagazin modeling magazines. The model represents an aircraft flown by Dusan Borcic in defense of Belgrade, on April 6, 1941.
Model: Nebojsa Kalezic  Photo: Nebojsa Kalezic

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