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Aircraft Mini-Gallery         

by Nenad Miklusev


Ik-3 -AEROPOXY Resin 1/72, Model Aleksej Ilic
& Photo Nenad Miklusev

FW 190 F8 Arii/Otaki 1/48 Model & Photo Nenad Miklusev

Here is presented only Yugoslav used FW-190, captured on Kovin airfield in 1945 and used in Yugoslav Air Force. That aircraft was preserved in Yugoslav Aviation Museum collection, waiting restoration.

T-33 & F-86, Hasegawa 1/72, models & Photo Goran Djordjevic

Canadair F-86E/m Hasegawa 1/72 & Folland Gnat F MK I AIRFIX 1/72
(conversion from two seater) Models & Photo-Nenad Miklusev


Hasegawa Sabre was old, not so accurate kit, but with some rescribing and detailing you can make nice model. Folland Gnat was conversion from two seater, with new, vacuformed canopy, reshaped wing and totally rescribed panels. Gnat is shown in Yugoslav Air Force colors and markings. Two of them were tested in early sixties, with intention for license building.

Mig 29 Italeri 1/72 & Mig 21 PFM KP 1/72 (conversion) Models & Photo Nenad

Italeri MIG 29 was made straight from the box, including color scheme and markings. Mig 21 PFM was conversion from KP, MF variant. The fuselage dorsal part was reshaped and rescribed, cockpit canopy was also reconstructed. Color scheme was experimental, dark green, gray, and light blue.

Mig 21 F Heller 1/72 & Mig 21 MF KP 1/72  Models & Photo Nenad Miklusev

Standard, straight from the box projects, with only painting and marking changes, to present the Yugoslav Air Force Mig-s.

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